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There were three main types of religion in Ancient China: Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism. Chinese people also worshipped their ancestors; they felt strongly bound to the land they lived in because their ancestors' spirits apparently roamed it.
An ancient philosopher named Confucius believed a strict government would maintain a better country, and he outlined a code of proper behaviour. He believed if families were strong and united, the country would be strong and united.
Daoism was opposed to this. This religion believed people should live by nature rather than the government. Daoism thought people should believe in themselves and be prosperous, and there would be fewer wars and crimes when people stopped wanting things which couldn't be obtained honestly.
Buddhism wasn't against the other religions, but it had its own beliefs. Buddhism spread the word that people could be reincarnated or reborn many, many times. It was a nice idea, but not everybody believed it. To Buddhists, being good and performing noble deeds in this life would surely earn you a rewarding next life.  Besides these religions, foreigners also brought Christianity, Judaism and the beliefs of Islam into ancient China.