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Medicine and Healing
Medicine was practised and studied in China in ancient times. Yin (female elements) and Yang (male elements) were believed to be present in the human body. Chinese medicine was used to balance out these gender elements, so they would be able to determine a person's health properly.
The Chinese used herbal remedies which included the expensive herb ginseng. Acupuncture was also a very good way of controlling these gender elements. Acupuncture is the process of sticking needles into the patient (apparently painlessly) to bring on a cure, or relaxation or a sense of peace. Moxibustion was used too. Moxibustion was the act of placing specially mixed herbs on the skin and burning them into the flesh. Minerals such as iron and copper were used in special ways to rid a suffering person of disease such as beriberi, which is a vitamin deficiency.
Ancient Chinese medicine is the oldest in the world, and medical books and encyclopaedias have been written containing purely Ancient Chinese remedies for crippling and horrific diseases, as well as the simple cough, cold, or any other common virus.
The Ancient Chinese people were very superstitious, and believed some diseases were brought on by evil spirits. If this was the case, a special doctor called the tao-tze was brought to the house, where he strolled around the premises making loud noises to drive away the spirit or evil presence.