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The Great Wall
In early ancient China, the people built massive walls to divide the states when they were at war so they were protected within their own land. But it didn't totally work, because they had enemies outside China who invaded peaceful farmers' homes, stealing crops produce, food, and carrying off women and children. They also drove off the cattle, sheep, and goats from property and took them to other land, moving quickly away when pursued and targeted. Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi ordered the people to lengthen the walls to barriers so they would keep out all the barbarians. Many labourers died during the long time, and one Chinese Historian called it 'the longest graveyard in the world'. The result was 10,000 Li (Chinese unit of length) of pure rock and stone. It was a legendary achievement.
The section of the Great Wall called the Badaling winds along the mountains northwest of Beijing. It was built at the
 start of the Ming Dynasty during the 14th century. The amazing construction is 7.8 metres high and 5.8 metres wide at the top
               on the average, and it has battle forts on some of the corners in case it was attacked or ambushed.
The beautiful view from the wall is absolutely breath-taking. As you can see, it winds all along the land, and it can be seen from the moon!!