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Ancient China was ruled by many emperors. The earliest emperors were most likely the Shang family. When an emperor died, his son took over. The Shang dynasty ruled from 1765 to 1028 BC.
Here are some portraits of a couple out of hundreds of Chinese emperors.
Hung Wu
Shang Dynasty
  Tai Tsung
Tang Dynasty
Ching Dynasty
Quing Dynasty
Song Dynasty
Qing Dynasty
China isn't still ruled by emperors with dynasties- in fact it has a communist government. A lot of other things have changed, too. China is extremely up-to-date with technology and computers, and like most other countries, there are shops, businesses, and any other modern things you can think of. So, as you can see, China has changed heaps since ancient times- and I think for the better, especially for the not so well off people.