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Here is a list of all the web pages which have helped us make this great page come to life. Thank you to all of them and feel free to visit some of these great sites!
Enloe High School's China Web Site
With great photos, information, and other stuff. Lots of links to other well-designed pages in their site.
The 5000 Years China Homepage
Great information, photos, and the cutest animated dragons.
Ancient Chinese Art
Some beautiful vases and Chinese art, along with quite a large amount of information.
Ancient China
Lots of information on dynasties and significant happenings and events. Tonnes of data to research, with a stunning photo of the Great Wall. Highly recommended.
Ancient China
Heaps and heaps of information, with a few photos of various things.
Internet Guide For China Studies
A huge site with everything you ever wanted to know about Ancient China. Amazing!