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Art and Painting
Art and painting was a very important part of Ancient China and was valued by Emperors, their wives, and just about anybody- rich or poor.  In Ancient Chinese art, animals were used to represent emotions, people, and actions. Horses were a symbol of speed and high rank, water buffalo symbolised the peasants and the toil and labour they endured, and flying birds represented freedom. Here are some beautiful examples of Ancient Chinese art, painting, and vases or other valuable items. Some of them may take a while to load, but please wait- they are definitely worth it!
A gorgeous cup in the shape of a lotus leaf.
A beautiful vase with a floral decoration.
Two leaves from Landscapes and Flowers byYun Show-p'ing
A bright bamboo painting.
"Floating mist and Distant peaks".
A Celestial globe vase.
A stunning stem cup with a dragon motif.